“I’m delighted to let you know that NCPTT’s director has recommended your project for funding…” David W. Morgan, Chief, Archaeology and Collections, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

“After careful consideration I am pleased to inform you that your project, Media Vault Program, has been awarded $4xx,xxx in funding for FY 08-09.” Shelton Waggener, Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO, Information Services & Technology, UC Berkeley

Raising money is never easy and always necessary, especially for startups, non-profits and educational programs. In today’s economy, competition is fierce for every dollar and excellent projects are overlooked because pitching and proposal writing is part craftwork, part lobbying and above all, it’s a lot of work. It is also incredibly rewarding.

I have helped all of the organizations I’ve worked with win grants and proposals. Private funding, direct marketing and sales, federal grants, angel’s gifts, competitions large and small. In the past several years, I’ve worked on successful projects funded by the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute of Museums and Library Services, the Kress Foundation, the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE), and the Mellon Foundation.

Winning isn’t everything. Once you win a grant, you need to bring the projects to conclusion, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations if you hope to be funded in the future. I have a proven track record of managing projects and building teams that create amazing products on time and on budget. Award winning efforts that pay off with recurring funding for continuing ventures.

Cultural Heritage Imaging has performed admirably as the recipient of one of our PIT grants” – Kirk Cordell, Executive Director – National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

In theĀ fundraising category I have examples of successful grant projects, award winning sites, ongoing research programs, and international collaborations. I have included project notes to represent roles on each project, since funding is a team sport. With success, everybody wins.

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